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Boxes: Record Storage and X-Ray Boxes

Call for pricing and ordering information.


New Boxes for Sale

Box Size Filing Options Item # Dimensions
1.2 cubic foot Top Tab Letter/ Legal 312 10.25"H x 11.75"W x 16"D
1.5 cubic foot Side Tab Letter/Legal 315 10.25"H x 12.25"W x 16"D
2.4 cubic foot Top Tab Letter Only 324 10.75"H x 13.00"W x 25"D
X-Ray X-Ray Files X-Ray 15.00”H x 6.50”W x 20.50”D


Reconditioned Boxes  - Big Savings!

Box Size Filing Options Quantities
1.2 cubic foot Top Tab Letter/ Legal 12 pack
24 pack
1.5 cubic foot Side Tab Letter/Legal 12 pack
24 pack
2.4 cubic foot Top Tab Letter Only 12 pack
24 pack


Quantities are limited on reconditioned boxes so please check availability before ordering.


Scanners: Kodak

Please call for demo. 


Electronic Media Storage Cases

Record Storage Systems Tapes Storage Case

Record Storage Systems Multiple Tape Formats Storage Case
Multiple Tape Formats

Record Storage Systems C D, D V D, R E V, Optical Disk Storage Case
CD/DVD/REV/Optical Disk

Record Storage Systems Hard Drives Storage Case
Hard Drives

Record Storage Systems Waterproof Storage Case

Record Storage Systems Master Cases Storage Case
Master Cases

Record Storage Systems Individual Media Mailer
Individual Media Mailers

Record Storage Systems Overpack Boxes
Overpack Boxes

Record Storage Systems Fireproof Safes and Media Cabinets
Fireproof Safes & Media Cabinets

Record Storage Systems Accessories

Record Storage Systems Secure Document Storage Case
Secure Document Storage

Record Storage Systems Media Rack, Cart, Cabinet
Media Racks, Carts & Cabinets


Find out more about how Record Storage Systems can help you prepare your contingency plan.  Contact us or call 704.588.2820.

Record Storage Systems storage boxes


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