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Disaster Contingency Planning

Disasters are a fact of everyday life. And while it’s easiest to take the stance, ‘it won’t happen to me,’ the fact is thousands of businesses suffer information losses each and every year. Record Storage Systems is here to provide peace of mind and, should the worst happen, full recovery. Through our partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions™, we offer membership programs that provide an added level of prevention and recovery. Through this alliance, we can combine the technical and data aspects of disaster recovery planning with one of the most commonly overlooked pieces of business continuity – people recovery. We do more than retrieve data; we educate and prepare clients for potential interruptions. Where will your company operate if the office isn’t accessible? The answer to this question and more are all part of your personalized contingency plan.

Find out more about how Record Storage Systems and help you prepare your contingency plan. Contact us or call 704.588.2820.

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