Simplify Business Processes with Electronic Document Management

Automate paper-based processes with a powerful end-to-end electronic content management solution.


Record Storage Systems in Charlotte, NC, offers secure, cloud-based, electronic document management software that enables you to automate and streamline businesses processes using digital records rather than hard copy files — helping you eliminate tedious and costly paper-based processes while increasing your efficiency.

By implementing an electronic information management solution, your important documents can be organized in a single, secure repository where you have access to them 24/7 from the convenience of your desktop.

Improve workflow

When the right content is accessible on your desktop, you can instantly organize, share, and approve documents across multiple departments. This helps streamline AP and AR workflows, HR processes, approvals, invoicing and much more. Creating a customized electronic document workflow specific to your needs enables greater accessibility, more transparency, and faster turnaround times.

Increase visibility

Using electronic workflows instead of hard copy records leads to better transparency and allows you to better track your business processes in real time — meaning you’re more likely to catch mistakes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our cloud-based solution offers:
  • Workflow: Automate even the most complex workflows to enable quick deployment.
  • Mobile: Work when, where, and how they want.
  • Predictive Analytics: Make better business decisions based on actionable insights. Predict invoicing, identify bottlenecks, and optimize work for material impact.
  • Capture: Consolidate invoices, contracts, customer data, financial statements, HR files and more, regardless of source, and automatically extract data from standardized forms.
  • Electronic Forms: Create and host forms directly from the system for use by internal or external customers.
  • Integration: Seamlessly transition data to/from existing or future applications, eliminating duplicated efforts and information silos.
Reduce security risks

Finding ways to mitigate risks and data security breaches is an extremely important aspect of any document management strategy. As technology evolves, it can leave your systems vulnerable to new security threats. An electronic content management system makes it easier to maintain compliance and reduces the chance for missing documents and/or data breaches that could result in lost revenue.

Record Storage Systems’ electronic document management solution offers capabilities that help organizations of all sizes increase productivity, shorten cycle times, reduce overhead costs, improve visibility and adhere to compliance regulations.

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