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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we turn our records over to a professional manager?
There are several key factors that include but are not limited to freeing up high-cost office space; greater organization; and a higher level of security. In addition, our resources allow us to manage the entire life cycle of your information, from creation to safe and convenient destruction.

2. What makes your company stand out from the other professional service companies?
We are a local, family-owned business that designs and evolves our services to meet our customers’ ongoing needs – and we guarantee it. If you are not completely satisfied we will wave any removal fee within the first year.

3. Why do we need off-site protection for our media?
All vital electronic data should be backed up and safely stored off-site should a catastrophe occur. It is not a risk worth taking.

4. How quickly can I get information delivered to our facility when it is needed?
We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On an emergency basis, we can get your data to you within two to four hours.

5. What kind of security do you have inside your facilities? Outside your facilities? In your pickup and delivery vehicles?
All of our facilities have alarms, dry sprinklers, and 24/7 security monitors. Our buildings sit back from the street and are unmarked. Our vehicles are alarmed with GPS satellite tracking. We always load/unload inside our facility to ensure secure data transfers.

6. How do I know I will get quality service?
Your company will be assigned a customer service representative to handle your account and ensure your satisfaction. All of our customer service representatives are accessible and have ample backup support. If you are in anyway dissatisfied, we will return your records/data to you free of charge within the first year. That’s our service guarantee.

7. Will we lose control of our paper records and media?
No. If you choose to have Record Storage Systems maintain control of your records in our records database, we will continue to update you on the status of your inventory. You choose the level of detail you require–box, file, tape, etc. If you choose to control your records database through your own PC, you have all the information at your fingertips, of course we also have the information backed-up in our central system.

8. Do you have any kind of backup system to insure protection for my data in case there is a failure in your vault?
Our vault is designed to prevent a failure, but is equipped with a natural gas backup generator. We designed our vault with an insulated core, climate control system and fire suppression system to insure it does not fail.

9. Does Record Storage Systems stay current with technological advances in the information service field?
Yes. Our records software is the best in the industry and is continually updated to maintain that position. Our vault is on the cutting edge of technology. Our ‘Scan on Demand.’ document imaging, and disaster recovery services are periodically reviewed to incorporate new ideas.

10. Can we use our own boxes for storage?
Yes, as long as they are ‘industry standard’ sized boxes in good condition.

11. Do you have pickup and delivery service?
Record Storage Systems is a full-service records center that can accommodate all of your pickup/delivery requirements. In addition, we guarantee a two-hour response time for emergency deliveries.

12. How fast can we get our records and will you retrieve them for us?
Same day delivery service is available for items requested before 10:00 a.m. Requests made prior to 3:30 p.m. will be delivered the next business day. In addition, we can set specific times for your delivery schedule, i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly. Record Storage Systems also offers emergency delivery (within two hours of request).

13. Do you destroy records, and can you provide a listing of what has been destroyed?
We send destruction notices per request and require our clients to sign off on a Destruction Authorization Form prior to any records being destroyed. Once the records are destroyed, Record Storage Systems' Operations Manager certifies the destruction, signs the Destruction Authorization Form and the original is returned to the client for their records.

14. What do I need to do to get started?
Simply click on Contact Us and fill in the online form.


Digital Imaging FAQ’s

1. What is Document Scanning?
Document scanning is the multi-step process of converting a paper page into an electronic image of that page. The quality of the image depends on the technologies and processes utilized by the vendor converting the files.

2. What things should I know when my company wants to conduct a document scanning project?
As with any successful project, it is important to clearly define the People, Process, and Technology Requirements as they relate to the project goals. The key to a successful document conversion project is starting with the end goal in mind, then employing proven technology solutions and conversion methods. Your team may need tools and guidance in this process of going paperless. Support from an experienced company will be needed to successfully complete the project.

3. Why shouldn’t I buy a scanner and do it myself?
You can, we’ll sell you one. As a Kodak dealer, we will determine your needs and about $3,500 will get you started.

4. I need 100,000 pages scanned by next week, what should I expect if I do it myself?
100,000 pages equates to approximately 40 boxes. Documents are never in the condition needed to automate the process. In a perfect world, the documents would come in looking like a ream of new paper. In the imaging world, the documents come in stapled, torn, dog-eared, folded and unsorted. The conditions require document unassembly, scanning preparation, manual scanning and finally, reassembly. It takes many more ‘man hours’ to get the documents to the scanner and back into the box than it does to scan them. Expect an hour and a half a box to prep the documents, hour to scan the documents, another hour to reassemble, index, and quality check documents. If re-scans or retyping due to errors is needed, add another half hour. This totals 4 hours per 14 inch deep box.

5. How much space do I need for my scans if I store the images myself?
If we are talking about storing ACTIVE scanned documents, approximately 30-35,000 sheets of letter sized paper scanned in Black and White (G4 TIFF) at 200 dpi will fit on one Gigabyte (GB) of hard drive space.
For ARCHIVAL documents, about 120,000 of those same images will fit on a 4.5GB DVD media. Scanned drawings will require more storage space given their original sizes. The same space required for ten letter size images can be required for just one D size (24" x 36") drawing. Drawings, like office documents, can and do vary as to how much information is placed on them. The more information a document to be scanned has on it, the larger the resulting image file will be.
Proper setup of image cleanup tools provided with most new scanners is essential to maintaining smaller file sizes and optimizing your storage requirements.

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