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Is Paper Hurting Your Business in the Digital Age?

Is paper still dominating your daily work processes? Desk clutter, unorganized files, missing information, and security risks are just part of the struggle to manage all of that paperwork efficiently and effectively. Fact is, those frustrations you’re facing internally are impacting customer satisfaction, increasing your exposure to compliance issues, decreasing productivity, and costing you more money. 

The Future is Now: Adapting Your Accounts Payable Processes to Meet New Demands

What can AP professionals due to increase departmental efficiency and improve process workflows? What if you had a tool at your fingertips that could provide a granular view of outbound cash flow, help you establish better benchmarks, and alleviate paper-intensive workflows, all while improving your internal and external communication and customer service? 


Should you put important documents in self-storage?

As a tenant at a self-storage unit, you are solely responsible for making sure the unit is locked and protected from unwanted access or harmful elements such as flooding. It’s frightening to think that the only thing keeping your records safe is a garage door with an old padlock.

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