Simplify and Streamline your Accounts Payable Processes

Automate paper-based processes with a powerful end-to-end electronic AP workflow solution.

MediusGo is the cloud tool that digitizes, streamlines and automates the revenue flow.

How invoice processing works with MediusGo

In the age of digital transformation, AP professionals are relying on workflow automation to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and improve invoice processing. If paper is slowing down your processes, you’re more likely to face bottlenecks and errors in accounts payable.

MediusGo is a robust cloud-based platform that can be accessed from your desktop browser, tablet, or mobile phone. All vendor invoices are converted to searchable PDFs and collected in a digital repository.  With the native embedded capture feature, your suppliers can email their invoices directly to MediusGo, if you receive paper invoices you just scan them to the same address. 

With MediusGo, you can automatically check that the invoices match the basics: goods received is matched to purchase orders, rental invoices are matched to contracts, and leasing invoices are matched to the payment plans in the contracts. Users can compare and match invoices according to customized specifications, create approval workflows, and control user access using role-based permissions to ensure secure access within the system. 

By automating time-consuming manual accounting workflows with electronic document management software, you can:
  • Lower operating costs
  • Establish better benchmarks
  • Improve payment performance
  • Enhance visibility
  • Shorten cycle times
  • Eliminate paper-intensive work
  • Comply with industry standards
 With an easily configurable platform, you can enjoy simplicity, security, and accuracy from the convenience of your desktop. Empower your staff with a solution that helps them track, analyze, and execute payments with a single click. Be prepared for audits and enjoy financial compliance. 
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