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When your sensitive data outlives its usefulness, Record Storage Systems can help you meet your legal and ethical responsibilities. We have a locked, secure shredding facility with video surveillance and an industrial-quality shredder to ensure your information is discarded safely and quickly. The process is closely monitored by bonded and trained personnel. We are happy to provide a Certificate of Destruction to meet corporate or government requirements.

Record Storage Systems offers two safe and confidential record destruction services. Our ‘Scheduled Shred’ program includes locked, on-site collection containers for sensitive data. Collection containers will be picked up as scheduled by your plan. Or, for one time ‘End of Year’ disposal, we offer convenient batch shredding of boxed files at your location or already stored with us.

Above and beyond, when you work with Record Storage Systems you can feel good knowing that all of your documents are recycled.


Record Storage Systems can help you establish a secure, compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective information shredding solution. We understand the importance of safeguarding your data from damage, loss and unauthorized access. From customer databases to employee information, any loss or compromise of these documents could have devastating results. We have the professional reputation, service guarantees and competitive fee structures to support your decision to choose and recommend Record Storage Systems.

All paper is secure within locked vehicles, monitored by GPS Satellite tracking, handled by fully insured personnel, and transported to our facility where it is all destroyed.

Our facilities are continually monitored by professional security services 24/7. The facilities are closed to the public and our doors are locked at all times. Motion detectors and perimeter beams guard movement within the facility. The facility is concrete, preventing storm or high wind damage. Record Storage Systems is located in a low crime, non flood plain area and offers quick access to Interstates.

Record Storage Systems records management document shredding

Record Storage Systems records management document shredding

Record Storage Systems records management document shredding


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