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Take a look inside the state-of-the-art Record Storage Systems campus.


14620 Carowinds Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28273

Located in a low crime area, no flood zone, 133,000 square foot structure.

Owned by Distribution Technology, Incorporated, and parent company of Record Storage Systems.

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Record Storage Systems

14620 Carowinds Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone: 704.588.2820
Fax: 704.588.6905
E-mail: [email protected]
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Facility Structural Standards


Floor is 8 – 10 inches of poured concrete and inspected by supervisor on a weekly basis.

Walls are 6 inch precast ribbed concrete walls reinforced with rebar steel. Inspected by supervisor on a weekly basis.

Ceiling is 6 inch precast concrete slab reinforced with rebar steel. Inspected twice yearly with ultra sound technology for the detection of wet spots in the concrete prior to water leaks to the interior of the facility. Facility was built in 1978 and the roof was replaced in 2000.

The facility is a Food Grade Warehouse with monthly pest and insect control procedures in place.


The Facility is protected by a dry-valve sprinkler system with water pump houses located outside the facility. The system is in zones and releases air pressure from the pipes when a heat sensitive nozzle head is activated and releases the air pressure inside the sprinkler line. The release of air pressure opens valves in the exterior pump houses and water is then allowed into the system for fire suppression.

Record storage racks are designed to allow water flow through the racks. Racks are constructed with heavy gage rolled steel shelving and corrugated metal decking. A 6 inch longitudinal flue space separates racks located back –to- back. The corrugated decking and 6 inch flue allow water flow through the rack for fire suppression.

Maintenance of the fire detection and suppression system include monthly maintenance by ADT Security Systems verifying water flow and trip switches to affected area. Time is accounted for in seconds.

The Data Vault housed within Record Storage Systems is monitored 24 hours through ADT by a stand-a-lone fire and security system. There is a FM 200 fire suppression system. The vault is constructed of 6" to 8" inches of concrete within the walls, floors and ceiling and 4" to 5" inches of aluminum lining on the inside of the concrete walls. The vault has a UL approved 125 degree fire rating. Daily walk through by the supervisors are conducted and ADT does monthly inspections of all fire and security systems.


The Facility is an ambient temperature facility with high output exhaust fans for air flow movement during warmer seasons. The range of temperature fluctuates between forty eight and eighty six degrees. Since 1984, Record Storage Systems has stored boxes of files in this environment and has never had a complaint on the condition of boxes.

The Data Vault is monitored 24 hours through ADT for temperature and humidity. If the temperature changes 5 degrees up or down from the 64 degree setting or if the humidity varies from the 35% to 45% range, alarms will sound and notification to and from ADT will commence.


The facility provides the following alarm monitoring system:

First Alarm alerts an audio alarm and communicates to ADT Security Systems that a contact on the gated parking lot or a contact on the water pump house outside of the facility has been alerted. A call by ADT is made to Record Storage Management and if the facility is not manned, the local authorities are alerted.

Second Alarm alerts an audio alarm and communicates to ADT Security Systems that the facility detection system has been activated. The facility detection system includes glass break detection, contacts on all doors and windows, motion detectors in the office and record center, photo electric beams across all doors, along perimeters of all walls, and parallel throughout the facility.

Third Alarm alerts an audio alarm and communicates to ADT Security Systems that the Data Vault detection system has been activated. The vault is monitored 24 hours through ADT with motion detectors located within the vault. There is also a locked two door entrance/exit system of which only qualified personal have the combinations. All employee's are bonded, have pre-employment background checks and are subject to pre-employment and random drug screening.

Maintenance and testing of the security system is provided by ADT on a monthly basis to insure alarms are functioning and communicating properly.

Visitors are permitted to view the facility. Upon entrance, they are received into a locked area accessible to the record center only by a door with the “unlock button” found inside the office. All visitors must sign in and out. Visitors are escorted at all times and are not allowed to access information from the shelving system. No one is allowed to take records from the record center without prior authorization.

Authority to Access is determined prior to storing with Record Storage Systems. All client employees must sign and print their name on the Authority to Access form and this information is located in the software system and monitored as orders are requested. The signature is kept on file for future reference.


Power to the facility is provided by Duke Power. A natural gas generator back-up is connected to the security systems, fire suppression systems, office, and data vault in the event of a power outage. The backup automatically turns on when it detects and power loss and is automatically tested on a weekly basis.


Bonded employees under strict employment policy, to include: drug testing, personality tests, criminal and reference checks, personality tests, signed confidentiality statement, signed statement to take a polygraph in the event of discrepancy and refusal would cause employee to be terminated. Safety procedures are reinforced during team meeting prior to each days work.

Shred Facility Security

Record Storage Systems can help you establish a secure, compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective information shredding solution. We understand the importance of safeguarding your data from damage, loss and unauthorized access. From customer databases to employee information, any loss or compromise of these documents could have devastating results. We have the professional reputation to back up our service guarantees and competitive fee structures to make you glad you chose Record Storage Systems.

  • All paper is secure within locked vehicles, monitored by GPS Satellite tracking, handled by fully insured personnel, and transported to our facility where it is all destroyed.
  • NAID certified shredding operations.
  • Our facilities are continually monitored by professional security services 24/7.
  • The facilities are closed to the public and our doors are locked at all times.
  • Motion detectors and perimeter beams guard movement within the facility.
  • The facility is constructed of all concrete preventing storm or high wind damage.
  • Located in a low crime and non flood plain area, we offer quick access to Interstates 77, 485, and 85.
  • A fire prevention system which exceeds NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) mandated regulations.
  • Our dry sprinkler system keeps your records safe from hazards of broken pipes and condensation.