Risk Management Services in Charlotte, NC


Record Storage Systems in Charlotte, NC, offers risk management consulting for organizations seeking to evaluate their current document management strategy and identify areas of vulnerability to improve and enhance the way they utilize data.

We understand the need for a records management program that addresses every aspect of the document management lifecycle and offers secure, reliable strategies for managing risk. We can help you overcome the challenges you face with hard copy and electronic documents and create a clear vision for the future.

Establishing a risk management framework will help you identify areas of weakness within your organization and develop a strategy to improve and enhance security, disaster recovery, and compliance.


Ensuring your records and data are secure is perhaps the most important part of any risk management strategy. Minimizing security threats by implementing stringent security standards enables your organization to function efficiently while instilling customer confidence that their sensitive information — and yours — is safe. After all, the costs associated with a secure document management strategy are miniscule compared to the potential loss of business associated with breached security.


If an unforeseen circumstance left your hard-copy or digital records inaccessible, what would you do? A disaster recovery solution helps your organization manage data recovery by ensuring your important information is stored offsite in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood. A business continuity plan ensures the most important aspects of your business can continue operating in the event of an emergency. Record Storage Systems can enhance your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies by offering offsite data and records storage as well as cloud-based electronic archiving. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your daily business processes won’t be interrupted should an unforeseen circumstance arise.


Is your organization prepared in the event of an unexpected audit? A key benefit associated with streamlining and automating document management is the peace of mind that comes with audit preparedness. By offering automated document solutions, Record Storage Systems helps promote and foster compliant business practices within your organization.

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