Information Management Services

Record Storage Systems offers lifecycle information management services that enable organizations to securely and accurately manage critical business information from creation to destruction — and everything in between. Whether you’re in need of hard copy document storage, document scanning, document shredding, or data storage and protection, we offer customized solutions designed for any size organization.

We offer comprehensive solutions that allow businesses to securely manage records, automate important processes, and improve efficiency. Whether you’re running out of office space and need offsite storage, or want a more efficient way to convert hard copy records to an electronic format, we can work with you to create a budget-friendly solution that enables your staff to work more effectively and provide better customer service to your clients.

  • Document Storage
    Offsite document storage for critical business records provides your organization with peace of mind knowing that your documents are accessible, organized, and most importantly secure. Our offsite records storage services provide more than just a space to keep records. Our trained staff will securely transport records to the record center where they will be barcoded and stored until you need them. Whether your records are active with daily retrievals, or archived and simply need a secure home until their retention period has ended, Record Storage Systems offers the most secure and cost-effective storage options.
  • Document Scanning
    Document scanning services convert your paper documents into electronic records that can be easily accessed and shared from the convenience of a cloud document management software. Our document imaging professionals will handle all document prep and will convert your paper files to digital. Organizations who choose to scan business documents and go paperless ultimately improve workflow processes, reduce costs, and gain greater efficiency.


  • Document Management and Automation Software
    Record Storage Systems’ electronic document management software gives organizations the ability to streamline tedious workflow processes, such as human resources onboarding or monthly accounts payable processes, and gives professionals more time to focus on responsibilities and less time dealing with paperwork. Customers have the ability to store electronic records, create customized workflows, set user permissions, and more.

  • Document Shredding
    Document shredding services enable you to securely destroy business records that have outlived their usefulness. A secure document shredding service should be part of every organization’s record retention plan. We offer offsite paper shredding, bulk paper shredding, as well as shred consoles and bins for the office. Place a shred console in your office so that staff can securely dispose of paperwork and you can protect against identity theft and data breaches. Whether you need a regular document shredding service weekly or monthly, or you have a large document purge project, Record Storage Systems offers secure document destruction as an easy solution.


  • Data Vaulting
    Record Storage Systems offers tape storage and data vaulting for your organization’s important backup tapes and electronic media. While storing information on the cloud offers some conveniences, offsite vault storage is the most secure and reliable media storage method. 
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