Insurance Document Management Systems

Record Storage Systems offers strategic insurance document management solutions for professionals to help automate paper-intensive processes and streamline internal workflows while maintaining compliance standards. Insurance agents, adjusters, underwriters, claims clerks, loss control specialists and more deal with an abundance of client paperwork on a daily basis. Decrease the amount of backlogged paperwork on file and enjoy the benefits of a paperless office with a secure and reliable insurance document management strategy.

Insurance document management solutions. Easily store, scan, shred, and digitally manage:

  • Policy forms
  • Claim records
  • Financial information
  • Legal records
  • Medical reports

…and more

Just like your customers, you deserve peace of mind, costs savings, and the guarantee that your important data and information will be protected in the event of an unexpected circumstance. Record Storage Systems helps insurance professionals manage the piles of paperwork by establishing a strategy that addresses records retention, compliance, security, cost, and accessibility.

The future of insurance document management

Insurance agents and brokers are beginning to experience a shift in the way clients expect them to manage confidential data. As technology continues to evolve, automated workflows and electronic content management software will become an integral part of daily workflows in order to adapt to the increasing desire for streamlined, digital insurance document management.

While the solutions to your insurance document management needs become more complex, so do the regulatory and compliance standards you’re required to observe. Record Storage Systems offers hard copy and electronic document management solutions that address every aspect of the document management lifecycle, from creation, to retention, destruction — and everything in between.

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