Legal Records Management

Record Storage Systems offers secure, strategic document management solutions for legal professionals looking to streamline paper-intensive processes, keep confidential records secure, and simplify day to day office work.

The core asset of every law firm and legal organization is information — and we know you have a lot of it. A comprehensive document management plan can help you take control of the way your firm currently handles paperwork and transform time-consuming, paper-based processes into turnkey digital workflows that reduce overhead costs and use less resources.

Legal records management solutions for your firm – easily store, scan, shred, and digitally manage:

  • Client files
  • Court records
  • Affidavits
  • Litigation documents
  • Financial information
  • Insurance records
  • Accounts payable documents

…and more

The importance of information security

According to Harvey Rishikof, co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Cyber Security Legal Task Force, “Law firms are very attractive targets” to criminals due to the wealth of personal client information the store. Record Storage Systems can help your firm identify areas of weakness and vulnerability in your current document and data management and implement security protocols to protect your sensitive information.

The hidden dangers of self-storage units

If your firm is currently storing documents in a self-storage unit, you’re leaving sensitive client information vulnerable to theft and damage. Dark, damp spaces leave your documents prone to physical damage from mice and silverfish, and self-storage units often are not equipped with video surveillance or ample security. An offsite document storage facility will enable you to reduce document storage costs while offering a temperature controlled, monitored environment for your records.

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