Health & Medical Record Storage & Management

Record Storage Systems offers solutions that make managing hard copy and electronic medical records simpler and more efficient. As health information management evolves and electronic medical records (EMRs) become the industry standard, many organizations are still dealing with years of past paperwork from old patients, closed practices, mergers, and more — leaving them to tackle backfile scanning, day-forward scanning, and the digital conversion of records on their own — all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Located in Charlotte, NC, Record Storage Systems enables health information professionals to take control of their medical records by offering strategic document storage, scanning, shredding, and electronic medical record management services so you can adhere to medical record retention regulations, easily manage EMRs, and shred old records securely.

Who Can Benefit from Medical Record Storage Companies?

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Medical centers
  • Laboratories
  • Private practices
  • Chiropractic
  • Dental
  • Radiology

…and more

Document Scanning and Electronic Medical Records

As healthcare organizations deal with the transition to electronic medical records storage, it’s more critical than ever to leverage resources effectively and efficiently when it comes to medical records scanning. Record Storage Systems offers document scanning in Charlotte, NC and medical records software solutions that are used to manage forms, correspondence, reports and other tasks that exist outside of the EMR solution. Our electronic document management software also manages and stores legacy medical records and patient records in a non-proprietary format that can integrate with practically any EMR, aiding the transition to a fully electronic record. These solutions help healthcare organizations minimize operational costs and increase productivity.

With Record Storage Systems as your partner, you can leverage a comprehensive document management strategy that abides by a strict retention schedule in order to consolidate patient records and maintain HIPAA compliance. We have over 30 years of experience serving the healthcare industry and have adapted our solutions to meet the growing demands of healthcare professionals.

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