Secure Document Storage & Management

Adapting your information security and risk management to meet the growing demands of your organization and new data security threats.


Record Storage Systems is committed to implementing security protocols that support our customers’ goals for confidential document and information management. Our stringent security standards ensure your records and electronic data are securely stored & protected at all times.


Documents stored in Record Storage Systems’ secure records center are protected by 24/7 monitored security, fire suppression systems, key card facility access, and climate control. Records are handled by trained document and quality control specialists.
  • HIPAA-compliant protocols ensure sensitive information remains secure and protected at all times.
  • Advanced barcode tracking technology ensures files are accessible when you need them, and safely organized when you don’t.
  • 24-hour emergency access to your data is available in the event you need to recall information after regular business hours.
  • National Association of Information Destruction (NAID)-compliant document destruction protocols ensure that all records are shredded securely.
  • Bonded employees follow a strict employment policy that includes drug testing, personality testing, criminal background checks, and a signed confidentiality agreement.


Record Storage Systems’ state-of-the-art facility is located in a low-crime, non-flood zone equipped with 24/7 security monitoring and gated access. Unlike other document storage providers, Record Storage Systems owns our facility — instead of leasing — allowing us to maintain complete control over who enters and exits the building at all times. This also ensures long term continuity and complete control over the physical structure.

  • Facility floors, walls, and ceiling are equipped with 6-inch precast ribbed concrete reinforced with rebar steel.
  • Facility is inspected twice a year with ultrasound technology for the detection of wet spots in the concrete to proactively monitor potential leaks.
  • Facility is protected by a fire suppression system with water pump houses located outside of the facility.
  • Key fobs are required to gain entry into the facility; ensuring only authorized personnel can enter.
  • Facility is a Food Grade Warehouse with monthly pest and insect control procedures.
  • Visitors are permitted to view the facility. Upon entrance, they are received into a locked area where they are accompanied by designated staff. All visitors must sign in and out and are escorted at all times. No one is allowed to access information from the shelving system. Individuals authorized by their organization may visit and review records retrieved by our staff.


Record Storage Systems offers robust security protocols for our electronic document management software. Concerned about cloud-based document management? So are we. Our cloud based document management software caters to the needs of customers in some of the most highly regulated industries:

  • Employs four independent monitoring systems, including uptime and responsiveness monitoring, from 10 locations worldwide.
  • IP-based access restriction ensures that the most sensitive data isn’t shared in less secure environments by limiting the physical locations from which data can be accessed.
  • Encryption capabilities are employed to ensure that in the unlikely event that documents are accessed by an unauthorized person, they won’t be able to view any data.
  • Independent auditors conduct regular SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II audits of software processes ranging from product development to data center management for FileBound software.


Record Storage Systems offers door-to-door pickup and delivery for document storage, scanning, data vaulting, and shredding customers with drivers who are uniformed, trained, and thoroughly screened

  • Vehicles are equipped with two-way communication devices, GPS satellite tracking, and fire extinguishers to ensure your records and data are protected from the time the leave your office to when they reach our secure facility.


Record Storage Systems uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol—an industry standard for encryption over the Internet—to protect the transmission of personal customer data.
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