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Document Scanning

Record Storage Systems in Charlotte, NC offers full-service document scanning and indexing solutions that enable you to store, organize, and manage your important records electronically. With Record Storage Systems as your partner, you can establish short term and long term document management strategies that address inefficiencies and support your goals for a paperless office.


With our flexible and secure document scanning solutions, you can:


  • Save space by eliminating paper files
  • Reduce operating costs associated with maintaining paper documents
  • Improve security, data protection, and compliance
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with environmentally-friendly processes
  • Eliminate risk of lost or misplaced hard-copy files
  • Enhance your disaster recovery plan with a secure digital repository
  • Enjoy electronic document storage with comprehensive cloud-based document management software


For our scanning customers, any work submitted to us for scanning and indexing will be shredded at no extra charge as long as permission to destroy is granted within 90 days of delivery of finished product.

Customizable solutions that fit your needs:
Ongoing document scanning: Regularly-scheduled document scanning services customized to fit your timeframe and budget.


Backfile document scanning: Ideal for organizations that require bulk scanning to digitize years’ worth of archived business documents and convert them into a manageable electronic format.


Scan on Demand: Minimize scanning costs and enjoy prompt electronic delivery by scanning only the documents you need while ensuring the rest of your records remain secure and accessible in our document storage facility.



Document scanning process 


  • Document collection: Record Storage Systems picks up your documents and transports them to our secure facility.
  • Document preparation: Trained specialists ensure all records are ready for electronic conversion.
  • Document scanning: Documents are scanned using advanced high-speed professional scanners that guarantee precise OCR.
  • Document conversion: Documents are digitally converted, indexed according to your specifications, and made available in electronic format.
  • Online document management: Our online document management software enables you to store and manage documents electronically to improve workflow automation.


With Record Storage Systems as your partner, you not only benefit from the latest scanning technologies, you also have secure document storage, shredding, and electronic document management at your fingertips. This complete lifecycle document management enables you to take control of your records and streamline internal business processes.

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Document Scanning Process