Don’t Get Spooked: Beware of These 3 Scary Information Management Scenarios

Halloween is the best time of year for spooky stories — but not when they involve your organization’s important documents, customer records, and data. Learn how to avoid these scary scenarios with a secure, comprehensive document management strategy.

Document-Destroying Creatures
You’ve run out of space for business files in your office, so what do you do? Store them in a basement, crawl space, or public storage unit? After a few months, you go to retrieve a document to be greeted by a nightmare — your records have holes, missing corners, and water damage. Basements and other dark, humid storage areas are home to mice, cockroaches, silverfish, and humidity — many of which can cause permanent damage to your documents.
Instead of storing documents onsite or in public storage where they’re vulnerable to extreme damage, choose a secure, offsite, document storage facility that specializes in document preservation. Your organization will have confidence in the condition of your records — no more nightmares about destroyed documents or creepy crawly creatures.

Document & Data Creepers
Are your organization’s confidential documents and data vulnerable to a security breach? Data breaches can cause trouble for your organization — both financially and legally. If your documents aren’t protected properly, you could fall victim to a document creeper. Did you know that if you’re storing documents onsite – even locked file cabinets – and think you’re doing your due diligence by shredding sensitive information, there’s still a security threat? When managed in-house, your organization’s documents are left vulnerable to human error and mistakes. How many times has an important document been misplaced by a staff member? Can you confidently say that every single piece of paper that needed to be destroyed made it to the shredder?
Keep document and data creepers away by using a professional storage and shredding service. Shred consoles can be placed in your office where you can dispose of confidential documents. The contents are collected on a regular basis by trained staff and transported to a secure facility where they are professionally destroyed — eliminating the risk that you or a staff member will forget to shred something.

Eerie Elements
Fires, floods, and power outages, oh my! If an unforeseen circumstance left your hard-copy or digital records inaccessible, what would you do? A disaster recovery solution helps your organization manage data recovery by ensuring your important information is backed up offsite in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood. A business continuity plan ensures the most important aspects of your business can continue operating in the event of an emergency. Enhance your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies by using offsite data and records storage as well as cloud-based electronic archiving. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your daily business processes won’t be interrupted should an unforeseen circumstance arise.

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