Employee Spotlight: Larry Quick

What is your typical day at Record Storage Systems like?

My days at Record Storage Systems are filled with joy. We have an 8 a.m. meeting every morning where we review the vehicle routes and schedules for the day. I set up my route and head out for delivery. My daily route includes picking up and delivering records to our customers. Having a positive attitude toward the people I meet and greeting them with a smile is important to me — it lets them know we’re like a family. When I get back to the facility in the afternoons, I unload the van and then get to work helping out around the records center. This includes pulling orders and verifying materials that are going out for delivery the next day.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The smiles I get to see every day and the people I come in contact with. The way Record Storage Systems is heading, the services we’re offering to customers. and what we’re trying to accomplish all make the job very rewarding.

What keeps you motivated?

My mom keeps me motivated. She has been through a lot and she means so much to me. She’s always had to fight to make sure we had what we needed. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my mom. I also stay motivated for myself because nothing is promised to you in this life. Record Storage Systems also motivates me to do my job to the best of my ability. I’ve been here 16 years and there are a lot of positive things I’ve seen with this company and a lot of people here who have done things for me that they didn’t have to. That motivates me.

What would be people be most surprised to know about you?

People would probably be surprised to know that I’m shy. I’m starting to become a little more outgoing than I used to be though. I try to open myself up and make people laugh, but regardless of how much talking people think I do, I am shy.

I think people would also be surprised to know that I was raised in the country and still love that way of life. I like farming and being able to grow my own food. Now that I live in the city, it’s a bit more difficult, but I’d like to grow my own food one day.

How do you define success?

Success to me is what you make out of your life. It’s not about money, it’s about happiness. As long as you’re happy, everything will come. Happiness is my big success and my biggest goal is to make other people happy. Life is too short.

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