Have you scheduled an end-of-year records purge? Here are the benefits

Protect your records with the best document shredding companies in Charlotte NC

As the year comes to an end, this is the time many businesses are considering paper shredding for their confidential documents that have outlived their usefulness. If your documents have met their required record retention deadlines, now is the time to consider a document shredding service to purge your old records before the new year begins. Purging business records annually not only ensures that your confidential business data isn’t at risk of a security breach, it also helps you adhere to important record retention requirements and can save you money by helping free up valuable office space.

Save money with a shredding service for an annual document purge

Are you currently paying for a self-storage unit that’s full of business records you don’t need or use? Not only are you at risk of a potential security breach and identity theft, that space is costing you additional money every month that could be better spent on improving business operations. Are you getting the best value and efficiency from your employees by paying them to shred documents? Shredding your outdated records once a year with a professional shredding company that is NAID compliant can reduce overhead and allow your staff to focus on more important responsibilities.

Maintain compliance with industry standards and prepare for audits

Making annual document shredding a priority helps companies maintain compliance with industry standards as well as state and federal law. Financial documents and tax records that contain personally identifiable information are required to be securely shredded after a given period of time. By not adhering to destruction requirements, you could face fines and even legal ramifications –
not to mention loss of customer confidence and your reputation. Check out our previous blog, Document Retention 101: Here’s What to Purge and When, for document shredding best practices.

Prioritize document shredding now, enjoy long-term
efficiency and organization later

Think about the last time you evaluated your record retention plan and audited your current document management processes. Typically, the destruction of old business records can fall to the bottom of our to-do lists as other responsibilities demand our attention. It’s understandable – but
not recommended. Schedule time each year to evaluate the lifecycle of your business records to determine which documents you need to store, scan and shred. Shredding documents that have outlived their usefulness improves employee efficiency and organization by eliminating stacks and file cabinets full of unneeded paper. Addressing old documents now will set employees up for success in 2021 and beyond. Creating productive record retention habits this year will position
human resources, accounting, operations, and other departments for document retention success in the future.

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