How to Use Scan On-Demand as Alternative to Physical Record Delivery

Minimize scanning costs and enjoy prompt electronic delivery with Record Storage Systems’ Scan on Demand service that allows you to only scan the documents you need immediately while ensuring the rest of your records remain secure and accessible in our document storage facility.

Scan on Demand offers maximum flexibility to take control of your records. By allowing Record Storage Systems to store your hardcopy records and scan only what you need to retrieve, you can eliminate the expenses associated with scanning all documents.

Simply request the documents you need and our trained staff will retrieve, prepare, and scan the specific records in as little as 30 minutes. Scanned records can be securely transferred via encrypted email or secure FTP.


  • Provides quick electronic access to the records you access the most
  • HIPAA-compliant protocols ensure your records remain secure and confidential
  • Reduces scanning costs by only paying to convert the documents you need
  • Efficient alternative to physical file delivery
  • Up-to-date inventory of all records guarantees fast retrieval time
  • Allows documents and information to be distributed to multiple locations easily if necessary
  • Enables records to be available anytime, anywhere via secure web access

Call customer service at 704-588-2820 for Scan-On-Demand requests.

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