Should you put important documents in self-storage?

Self storage units are great for storing things like furniture, lawn equipment, or toys the kids have outgrown — but what about your confidential business records and files?

While it may seem like a quick and easy fix to stuff boxes of business documents in self-storage for safekeeping, in the long run, self-storage units can actually cost your organization more time and money. And if you’re concerned about protecting the confidentiality of your documents and physically preserving them until they are ready to be destroyed, a self storage facility isn’t the best option.

Cost of a Self Storage Unit and Convenience 

Storing business records in a self storage is costing you money and convenience — and you may not even realize it. With self-storage, you often end up paying for space you don’t use. At a secure records center, you pay only for the boxes you store. Plus, records centers are high-volume facilities where storage density is maximized, meaning you’re getting a better storage rate than a self-storage unit would offer. If you think self-storage is a convenient option, think again. Every time you need to retrieve a record, you have to drive to the unit and sift through stacks of boxes until you find the file you’re looking for. A lot of manual labor and employee time is wasted handling records retrieval within a self-storage unit.

A professional records center offers document storage benefits:

• Trained staff that will purge, pack, and index your records for easy and organized transport
• Same day record recall, delivery, and pickup
• An online customer portal that allows you to request pickups and deliveries and document inventory

Self Storage Unit Security

Chances are – your document inventory includes financial records, personal employee data, HR files, accounting and tax information, and more. As a tenant at a self-storage unit, you are solely responsible for making sure the unit is locked and protected from unwanted access or harmful elements such as flooding. It’s frightening to think that the only thing keeping your records safe is a garage door with an old padlock.

Professional offsite document storage in Charlottle, NC can offer:

  • Multi-level 24/7 security systems
  • Gated parking lot
  • Video surveillance
  • Controlled access
  • High-grade racks and shelving

Benefits of a record center over a self-storage unit

If you’re storing records in a self-storage unit, you’re only addressing one aspect of the document management lifecycle. What about document scanning andshredding? Or electronic document management software that can streamline internal processes and improve efficiency? Partnering with a records center offers value-added services beyond just document storage that make managing records and determining retention schedules easier. The good news is – pulling your records out of a self-storage unit is easy! Record Storage Systems will purge, pack, and transport all boxes to our secure facility where you will have peace of mind knowing your documents are protected throughout their lifecycle

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