Financial Records Management

Record Storage Systems offers financial services professionals including banks, investment firms, financial planners, credit unions, and broker-dealers, document management solutions that allow them to streamline processes, work more efficiently, and maintain a simple secure document repository.

Organizations in the financial industry are responsible for a wealth of personal financial information — no pun intended. Any financial services professional knows how quickly paperwork can accumulate. Even small firms can easily generate over 100,000 documents per year.

Large volumes of hard copy and digital financial paperwork related to investments, transactions, tax and accounting information and more are handled daily and financial services professionals are under pressure to maintain an efficient workflow while adhering to state and federal regulatory requirements.

Easily store, scan, shred, and digitally manage:

  • Financial statements
  • Advisory agreements
  • Portfolios
  • Asset records
  • Customer correspondence
  • Contracts
  • Appraisals
  • Investment statements

…and more

Safeguarding customer confidence and your reputation

The consequences of a data security breach extend far beyond the short-term embarrassment and necessary damage control. Loss of customer confidence and reputation can have a significant and lasting impact on your firm’s business — not to mention the legal and financial ramifications associated with a security breach. Record Storage Systems offers risk management consulting and implements stringent security protocols to ensure your sensitive hard copy and electronic data is always safe.

Your path to a paperless office

Digital document management can help streamline your internal workflows, improve communication with customers, and automate tedious manual processes. Conversion of your paper documents to electronic files eliminates many of the cumbersome obstacles and frustrations you face every day, including time-consuming duplication efforts, lost or misplaced files, slow distribution and more. Work more efficiently and get customers the information they need faster with secure electronic document management software.

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