Cloud ECM: Defining Technology & Debunking Myths

In today’s digitally-driven workplace, cloud electronic document management software is becoming a priority for organizations focused on increasing efficiency, improving communication between onsite and remote employees, and reducing unnecessary manual tasks.

What do you need to know about Cloud ECM?

Cloud ECM offers an alternative way to run the processes that fuel your business. Instead of manually processing accounts payable and invoices, or routing important paperwork to the next person for approval, you streamline and automate your processes though a customized cloud application that manages all of your documents and files through a secure web application – that’s the power of the cloud!

Myth #1: The Cloud is Not Secure

Reality: Current ECM cloud software providers are held to stringent security standards designed to protect your confidential documents and data. Because of this, ECM provides extensive security features to meet regulatory and compliance guidelines. These security measures typically include password protection, role-based user permissions, session timeouts, sensitive data encryption while data is being stored or transmitted, and more. A transition to cloud software means that critical data is protected behind a firewall with checks and balances in place to offer optimum security.

Myth #2: The cloud is less reliable

Reality: Cloud ECM systems typically run on large scale, offsite servers and have layers of backup servers to ensure downtime rarely happens. Most software has dedicated staff that manages a cloud ECM application’s infrastructure and monitors all systems and equipment. Digitech’s ImageSilo had a 99.9% uptime guarantee – and while your electronic documents are stored in the cloud, you have complete access and control over your information. Because of the accessibility and easy management, cloud ECM offers you an exceptional level of data control and management.

Myth #3: Cloud ECM can’t compete with an on-premise solution

Reality: Cloud ECM has come a long way. These days, many organizations are opting for a cloud solution for its flexibility and ease of use. AIIM lists the following reasons why a cloud ECM software could be a good fit for your organization:

Fast start-up: Cloud ECM is usually up and running in days or weeks, rather than months like some on-premise systems. Cloud ECM requires no hardware or software installations, servers, or data centers within your office.

Scalability: This is an automatic benefit of Cloud ECM. As workloads grow and storage increases, the cloud adapts without faltering in performance. This technology is built to accommodate growth and is customizable to fit your exacts workflow and storage requirements.

Accessibility:  With cloud-based ECM tools, businesses can become more collaborative and maximize their investment in communication.

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