3 Things You Need to Know About Workflow Automation

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is using technology to define a series of tasks it takes to complete a process and then removing all of the manual work or steps from that process. By analyzing a process and eliminating manual tasks, departments are able to streamline specific processes from beginning to end, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

Here are some examples: 

Human Resources Automation: You’re a hiring manager responsible for onboarding new employees. You manually enter all new hire personal information like address, medical info, payroll, insurance, etc..into an HR system. An HR workflow automation software would allow you to input electronic forms with employee information directly into the system. Everything from sending offer letters to employee training, and more. No more manual data entry.

Accounts Payable Automation: You’re an accounts payable supervisor responsible for invoice processing and check requests. Currently, you file paper documents, perform manual data entry, and match numbers line by line. Or, perhaps, you utilize an AP software that lacks a robust document management component, making it difficult to manage electronic documents, invoices and checks. With an AP workflow software, you can eliminate lot of the unnecessary manual tasks that tend to drag down efficiency. Automate the invoice approval and PO matching process, set automated reminders and follow-ups, and flag mismatched electronic files to catch errors. 

How can workflow automation help you?

When it comes to workflow automation, before investing in new processes and software, organizations typically like to analyze what kind of ROI they’ll see from implementing a new system. How will productivity increase? Will new software improve the overall information management process?

These statistics help make the case for a robust digital transformation and workflow strategy:

      • CEOs spend almost 20% of their time on work that could be automated, such as analyzing operational data and reviewing status reports.
      •  When it comes to business processes, 60% of occupations could save 30% of their time with automation. Some of these tasks that could save time include generating sales leads, approving paperwork, and processing documents.
      • Market research firm IDC says that organizations lose 20 to 30% of revenue every year due to inefficient processes

What features should you look for in an automation workflow software?

Cloud-based capability: 
Integrating a cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, like ImageSilo® or PaperVision.com can dramatically improve how information is managed. Cloud solutions tend to be easier to manage than on-premise version. 

Cross-compatibility: Your organization may already be using basic tools to manage information digitally and communicate between departments. You’ll want an automated workflow solution that integrates with the tools and software your team already uses. A well-designed, user-friendly interface that’s compatible with the tools you already have can help streamline processes and improve cross-departmental communication. 

Customization: Let’s face it – every single organization’s workflow is unique. Choose a software that offers buildable and customizable workflows tailored to your specific processes. A knowledge software provider should take a consultative approach and commit to understanding every step within your workflow. You can implement customized document routing, user permissions, reminders, automated approvals, and more. 

Security: A workflow automation system should have simple, but effective safety measures from cyber threats, including encryption both during processing and while data is at rest in the system, five levels of protection including user, group, function, document, and project-level authentication, and the ability to lock down access to specific information, including redacting certain content within a document to hide it from view to unauthorized users.

Digitech workflow automation software checks all of the boxes for a simple, effective, cost-friendly alternative to manual data entry and processes. If you’re interested in learning more or would like a free consultation to see if an electronic document management system is right for your organization, reach out to us

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