Do Your Competitors Have a Better Records Management Strategy Than You? PART 2: Automation and Document Workflow

Have you ever heard the saying, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”?

How do you define “winning at the workplace”? For our purposes discussing automated workflow solutions, we’ll say that in order to win in the workplace you need efficient processes, increased productivity, and happy employees – and we all know that happy employees translate to happy customers (aka winning in the marketplace).

An automated document workflow solution enables you to improve customer service, streamline accounts payable and other internal workflows, and gives you an edge over competitors. We’ll show you how to leverage a document management software to effectively improve interdepartmental communication, process invoices and payments faster, and enjoy the benefits of going paperless.

Even the most efficient workers spend too much time performing manual, time-consuming tasks that ultimately slow down processes and leave room for human error. How much time is spent routing work to teammates or superiors and awaiting a response? Implementing document workflow software alleviates much of the burden associated with routing documents, approving requests, and managing customer files. This makes employees and customers happier, boosts productivity, and improves efficiency. Success!

With an automated workflow solution, users reported:

  • A 50% reduction in processing time, and elimination of the bottlenecks of manual processing
  • A savings of approximately 12 hours/week for each employee
  • A simplification of audit procedures, as copies of POs, invoices, and checks are securely stored and easily accessible for auditors

Let’s take Accounts Payable as an example:
You want an accounts payable automated workflow software designed with user experience as the top priority and customized to fit your specific needs. Whether it’s invoice processing, check requests, payroll, dealing with delinquent payments, or more, AP automation standardizes processes to help employees focus on important tasks and work more efficiently.

Benefits of AP Automation:

  • Remove bottlenecks to ensure that invoices are paid on time with less effort. No more time spent passing paper around, matching invoices to POs or other documentation, or chasing down approvals.
  • Enforce compliance with company policies and external mandates and guarantee that proper procedures are followed and documented.
  • Eliminate missing and duplicate invoices that lead to missed, late or duplicate payments. The result: happier vendors and fewer customer service calls.
  • Cut costs and delays associated with managing paper and electronic invoices. Invoices that enter the system are automatically routed, and are accessible anytime, from anywhere.

The increased efficiency gained by using an electronic document workflow solution will allow your organization to significantly improve service to your customers, pay vendors faster without needing to increase staff or budget, give employees more time to focus on important responsibilities, and create more effective communication between departments.

Accounts Payable Case Study: Read how Eklind Tool Company integrated automated document management software, FileBound, into their Accounts Payable systems and boosted productivity while relieving employees on tedious everyday tasks in just 6 weeks. Read the case study here.

Get Started Creating an Automated Workflow
In addition to enhanced productivity, the transition to an automated document workflow includes managing documents electronically — which will free office space by eliminating the need to store massive volumes of hard-copy records, improve compliance and audit preparedness (we’ll get into that in the next blog), and make it easy to retrieve documents from the convenience of your desktop 24/7.

3 Steps to Achieving Automated Document Workflow:

  • Find a document scanning service: Implement a document scanning solution to convert active hard copy records into electronic documents. Once you have a centralized electronic repository of all vital records, you can begin establishing best practices for electronic workflow to replace your manual processes.
  • Choose your software: Choosing an automated workflow software for accounts payable or any other department is dependent on your organization’s size, budget, and needs. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when a customizable software would address your specific requirements — so that you’re only paying for what you need and nothing extra.
  • Adopt a paperless company culture: We know this is a big undertaking and most certainly isn’t the kind of transition that happens overnight. But in order to get the most out of your new automated document software, it’s important to begin changing company culture, the way employees think about managing information and adapting to a mostly paperless environment.

Record Storage Systems partners with Upland FileBound document workflow and automation software to deliver a customized solution for organizations looking to streamline Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Customer Service and other internal operations to save time and money. An electronic document management solution gives you a competitive edge and creates a sustainable, paperless work environment. Check out these links for more information:

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