The Top 4 Benefits of Document Shredding

All business information and data has a natural lifecycle that spans from its creation to its destruction. Within the course of an information lifecycle, the data can take many forms – but it typically begins as a hard copy record.

Traditionally, we don’t stop and think at the point of creation exactly what a record’s purpose will be throughout its lifespan, what form it will take, and where it will end up. A true lifecycle document management strategy addresses not only the creation and use of documents, but also the destruction.

The point of destruction is where a secure document shredding policy can transform your current document management strategy. So what are the benefits of a secure document shredding policy?

1. Information Security:  Document shredding ensures sensitive data cannot be stolen or fall into the wrong hands. Your clients rely on you to protect their personal information. Without a comprehensive document destruction process, you’re leaving their confidential data vulnerable to theft and opening up your organization to liability should a security breach take place.

2. Compliance: Failure to uphold legal and ethical compliance regulations and standards regarding document destruction could result in costly penalties and fines for your organization. By keeping hard copy records past their retention period rather than securely shredding them, you’re leaving client and company information vulnerable to theft – which could have severe financial and legal ramifications.

3. Organization: A secure records retention period is the key to a successful document management strategy. When you regularly shred documents that have outlived their usefulness, not only are you mitigating risk, you’re keeping your office organized and free of clutter — enabling you to focus on efficient information management without feeling overwhelmed by mountains of paperwork.

4. Sustainability: Document shredding is not only a secure form of destruction, it’s also an easy way for your organization to bolster sustainability efforts. Record Storage Systems recycles 100% of shredded materials, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’re destroyed records are being handled in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner.

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