How much does offsite document storage cost?

Offsite document storage is an important part of an organization’s information management strategy. Whether you’re a local business or a national company, you have an obligation to keep confidential business documents secure and accessible in order to maintain compliance with industry, state, and federal requirements. 

If you’re considering an offsite document storage service but wondering if it will fit into your monthly budget, the good news is that the cost of a document storage service is typically very reasonable — and for the peace of mind, security, access, and convenience an offsite document storage provider offers, a partnership with a storage service can actually add a lot of value to your company, increase efficiency, and save your employees time and money.

There are several factors that determine the cost of document storage. We’ll examine what determines price, as well as how an organization can create value-added efficiency by using an offsite document storage provider, rather than storing records in-house or in a self-storage unit.

What kind of documents can be stored offsite?

Any type of confidential business record can be stored offsite. This includes records that have strict retention periods and that will need to be securely shredded once they have met their retention deadline. Active and inactive records can both be stored offsite, as many professional record centers offer daily document retrieval and delivery services should you need to access a record or a box.

Types of documents include:

  • Tax records
  • Financial statements
  • Human resource records and employee files
  • Accounts payable records and invoices
  • Legal documents
  • Insurance records

…and more.

What determines the cost of offsite document storage?

Keep in mind, when we refer to “offsite document storage” we’re talking about more than just a self-storage unit. We’re talking about a partnership with a professional record center that specializes in secure document management. Self-storage units may seem like a “cheap” alternative to document storage at a record center, but be mindful, that if a self-storage unit is “cheap,” the service and security is probably cheap too!

The cost of document storage mainly depends on volume. Many document storage providers will charge a monthly minimum that typically ranges between $75 to $175 for secure storage. If your records volume exceeds the minimum, price is typically determined by cubic feet.

For active records storage, there is usually a cost associated with record retrieval and delivery if it is needed. Document management providers like Record Storage Systems offer document retrieval and delivery, but also offer scan-on-demand as a convenient alternative to physical file delivery. The customizable options to fit each client’s needs are a value-added benefit of offsite document storage.

Benefits of offsite document storage

The value of a partnership with a document management provider goes far beyond monthly document storage. When considering offsite document storage, it’s important to differentiate between secure storage at a records center such as Record Storage Systems, and a self-storage unit. While self-storage unit pricing is typically less expensive, self-storage units are also less secure, less accessible, and less convenient. Remember – you get what you pay for!

For organizations that value information security and compliance, want organized and accessible records management, and enjoy peace of mind, paying for professional offsite storage is a great value for any company.

  • Maintain compliance with industry, state, and federal regulations.
  • Spend less time searching for misplaced files around the office.
  • Be better prepared for audits and enjoy a smoother and more efficient audit process.
  • Enjoy secure a record retention schedule that allows you to shred records easily once they have outlived their usefulness.
  • Free up valuable office space and decrease overhead costs.
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