4 Advantages of Adopting an Electronic Records Management Strategy

Do you ever feel like your records management strategy is stagnant? Like your staff is spinning their wheels in order to capably manage active records and piles of paperwork? 

Adopting a paperless solution can seem daunting, but the benefits of implementing a digital transformation strategy far outweigh the long-term repercussions of a manual document management policy. Document scanning services that scan and convert paper records to digital files enable you to instantly find information, securely share and route important documents, and enjoy data security. If you’ve been considering transitioning to a more paperless office, electronic records create some big benefits that ultimately make your life and your job easier.

Make digital your focus by scanning and converting active business records to create a solution that empowers staff to easily manage and search for information through a secure cloud platform. Here are some of the reasons why organizations are making digital records management a priority:

1. Customized electronic document workflows

An automated workflow takes the frustration and tediousness out of approval processes, invoicing, time off requests, customer service reports, and more. It makes the right information accessible via the convenience of your desktop whenever and wherever you need it. It takes only seconds to route and share documents across multiple departments and systems.

2.  More available and organized office space

Imagine no more filing cabinets, stacks of paper cluttering the desk, and endless hours manually scanning and shredding paper with bulky equipment. Adopting a digital document solution allows staff to reclaim their office space and enjoy organized productivity. *Side note: if you’re required to keep hard copy records but still hate spending hours manually scanning and shredding documents, we can help with that too. Offsite records storage is a viable option for businesses wanting to free up office space and clear the clutter. In addition to hard copy storage, regularly scheduled document shredding ensures no one in your office is stuck feeding paper through the office shredder. *

3. Reduced data security risks, increased security

Rather than leaving confidential business information vulnerable to a security breach by storing records in unlocked file cabinets or in a communal meeting space, electronic document management software increases compliance and reduces the likelihood for misplaced filesdata breaches, fines and lost revenue. It also provides you with the added convenience of detailed audit trails and permission-based viewing.


4. Greater efficiency and productivity among staff

In a previous blog, we warned that if you aren’t adopting an automated workflow solution and taking advantage of an electronic records management software, your competitors are beating you. Why is this? Your competitors are only going to get better and more streamlined with automated workflows – allowing them to service customers faster and more accurately.  Automation and document workflow reduce human error, drastically increase staff’s productivity, and improve customer relationships – meaning your employees spend more time focused on improving the customer experience and executing their primary job responsibilities, and less time focused on administrative tasks and paperwork.

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