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Record Storage Systems owns and operates a state-of-the-art Document Imaging Center featuring the most advanced scanning capabilities available. We can seamlessly transform your paper records into indexed electronic files, any of which are easily retrieved. We can scan your entire archive of paper files, a portion of those you frequently access, or store your paper records with us and have specific records scanned only when you require (Scan on Demand).

Once scanned, our finished work can be imported to any of 50+ specific document imaging systems or a generic export can be created that most other systems support. Finished work can be securely transferred using SFTP, VPN, or SFTP/FTP over VPN. Physical delivery is available as well using encrypted portable hard drives, USB Thumb drives, or written to CD/DVDs.

No existing system? FileBound by Upland Software is an excellent document management system. Whether installed locally on your server or web hosted, FileBound virtually eliminates lost and misfiled documents, can greatly reduce labor costs, and put an end to employee and client frustration. We simplify the technical aspects, train your staff, and allow you to gain control, manage, and distribute document images seamlessly.



  • Predictable monthly operating costs; Unlimited number of users
  • Store, manage, and secure any or all of your organizational content with 24/7 access
  • Integrate FileBound with your existing line of business applications
  • Enhance and streamline your business processes with Workflow and eForms
  • FileBound Hosted minimizes internal technical resources and infrastructure requirements
  • Track system access and use for regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and governance
  • FileBound – The choice for affordable, hosted, web-based content management

Find out more about FileBound and how Record Storage Systems can organize your business. Click here or call 704.588.2820.

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Record Storage Systems Kodak Document Imaging Products Authorized Reseller


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